The Lighter Side: So Many Unused Vacation Days

September 6, 2019

How much vacation time are American workers leaving on the table? Plus, you have to see the great Subway bandit in action!

About 150 million working Americans collectively leave on the table 768 million unused vacation days. 73 percent of Millenials, 68 percent of Gen Xers, and 63 percent of Baby Boomers say they can't afford to take off work, which is why they end up leaving them on the table. Of that 768 million, 236 million of it is completely forfeited, and can't be carried over. 

Most people say they are confident that they can spot fake news on social media. 70 percent of people say they have spotted a fake story on Facebook. 92 percent of liberals, 94 percent of moderates, and 94 percent of conservatives are all sure they can spot a fake story, yet fake news is still being perpetrated, so who is it fooling?

Facebook is jumping into the dating scene. This is frightening because Facebook has all of your data, and this will likely let them get even more of your information. Facebook Dating will have a feature called "Secret Crush" that lets people connect with eachother if they both secretly expressed interest in one another. AKA, cheating on their spouses.

At a Little Caesars in the Bronx, two men held up the cashier at knifepoint. They didn't want cash, just pizza. They got away with $23 worth of pizza. 

In Washington DC, a drunk frat bro broke into a Subway, wandered around the place, grabbed a bag of chips, tried to jump over the counter, fell, made himself a sandwich, and kicked open the door as he left. Police say it was a chicken sandwich worth about 8 dollars and 49 cents.