The Lighter Side: Surfers Have a Plan to Stop Shark Attacks

August 21, 2019

Learn about the eye-opening idea. Plus, have you ever wanted Planters cheese balls, but just the cheese part? Then you're in luck!


Planters has a new product that's just neon orange cheese powder. It's the same stuff from their cheese balls, just without the balls. You can win it by tweeting @MrPeanut and telling him what foods you want to put cheese dust on. Can you get the balls without the cheese, though?

Can you type faster on a computer or a phone? Apparently it depends on how old you are. A new survey showed 68 percent of people say they are faster on a computer, 14 percent say they are faster on phones, 7 percent say they're equal, and the rest say they've never seen either. There's a huge generational divide-- more than 20 percent of the people under 35 say they're faster on the phone, versus just one percent of people over 55. 

The police in southern England were confused about an electrical vehicle on the road. They were getting reports about this weird looking contraption on the road, and when the police officers pulled it over, it was an electric bicycle but there was a bubble made of balsa wood and duct tape around it. Officers were going to ticket it, but lo and behold, it actually was insured and registered. So it had every right to be on the road, and they didn't know what to do with it.

A traveler went to New York Liberty airport for a trip, and left a package at a security checkpoint in New Jersey... it was their Ring Neck snake. The snake was slithering around the checkpoint, and nobody has come back to claim it. The snake was absolutely harmless, but they didn't know that at the time, so they had to shut down the entire checkpoint. 

Surfers all around the world have decided to combat shark attacks by painting giant eyeballs on the underside of their surfboards. They believe if a shark sees the eyes they won't have the element of surprise. We don't know if there's any scientific basis, but it seems like a good idea. Maybe surfboard manufacturers will start adding eyes to the boards they make!