The Lighter Side: 'Thor' Busted For Buying Pot Online With a Fake ID

July 29, 2019

(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

A Marvel super hero didn't really try to buy marijuana online in Canada, did they? Probably not... but there was a huge brawl aboard a cruise ship in Norway! You won't believe this story...

A guy was busted trying to buy marijuana over the internet in Canada. While it's not illegal to buy pot online, it is legal to buy it with a fake ID. There were some signs that this guy's ID was fake... for example, it had a picture of Chris Hemsworth on it. The ID also used the less than subtle name Thor Thunder Odinson, and an address of 69 Big Hammer Lane. That was enough to tip off officials in Canada, and the guy was busted.

An attorney in Louisiana was held in contempt of court after looking over at an attorney with another defendant, who was running his mouth. The judge ordered that defendant to get his mouth taped shut, and this attorney thought it was so funny, he wanted to put it in his Instagram story, so he started filming it. The judge held him in contempt of court for filming the defendant getting his mouth taped. 

On the P&O ship Britannia, which was going to the fjords of Norway, a bunch of Brittons decided they wanted to fight eachother after a day of drinking. Apparently, the details of how the brawl began are kind of sketchy, but somebody said a person dressed as a clown came up to another person, and the brawl ensued. This was a massive fight-- they had to shut down the buffet, and turned it into a triage center. Six people were assaulted, and passengers were injured with furniture, plates flying around, and everything else you could think of. Crazy enough, there doesn't seem to be ANY footage of the brawl.

Cute (or evil?) video of the day! A guy set up his webcam overnight, and he found out his cat watches him sleep. The cat will literally sit there and watch him sleep at night!

This is the picture @saltmac was talking about in the #LighterSide of news this morning. Do you think your pet secretly plans to murder you? #whileyouweresleeping #killerkitty

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