The Lighter Side: A Video Game Worth How Much??

August 1, 2019

(Photo by David Greedy/Getty Images)

A forgotten Christmas gift turned into a huge paycheck for one lucky guy! Plus, a pig pilfers beers from campers in Australia... then gets into a drunken fight with a cow! Hear all the craziness in the Lighter Side of the news!

Have you ever hidden presents from your kids, so they don't find them before Christmas? Apparently, a guy named Scott Amos' parents did this back in the 80s, but they forgot where they hid the gifts... and now it's going to get him ten thousand dollars!

When Scott was a kid, he was into Nintendo, and his parents bought him a Nintendo game called Kid Icarus in 1987. Scott and his sister were recently cleaning out the attic of their childhood home when they finally found the game. He went online to find out how much it would be worth, thinking maybe a couple hundred bucks because it was brand new in the box, only to find it was worth TEN. THOUSAND. DOLLARS.

Port Hedland, a campground in Australia, turned out to be unlucky for one group of campers. They woke up to find out they were missing 18 beers. But it wasn't hooligans from the next campground over that drank those beers, it was a pig! A pig rolled, drank 18 beers that the campers left out, and then got drunk and started a fight with a cow. 

New trends in the dating world!

  • Do you remember Clippy, the annoying little Microsoft assistant that would pop up in Windows, who couldn't be turned off? "Paperclipping" is basically the exact same thing, when an ex contacts you after months of ghosting you, then keeps annoying you over and over again. Sounds a little like stalking.
  • "Cookie Jarring" is when you're being kept as a backup for somebody. You're not their main person they call all the time, just someone they can contact when that person isn't around.
  • "U-turning" is when you fall for someone too fast, but then quickly change your mind and escape.