The Lighter Side: Waitress Gets Tipped With a Buick (and a Twist)

August 14, 2019

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Buick)

There's a few twists in the story of a waitress who received a Buick for a tip. Plus, one study the university really didn't need to pay for... find out why in the Lighter Side!

Here's a study that didn't need to be paid for, because it's common sense. Florida Atlantic University studied 785 people at a college, and the results show that drinking alcohol affects your sleep. Shocking! Those 785 people wore a watch-like sensor that checked everything, and they did it with college kids, but the study lasted for 14 years. So it covers the first 10 years after college. The study concluded that people who have more than one drink will mess up your sleep (one drink might help you sleep a little bit).

A pregnant mom-to-be took to the internet and said she and her husband didn't want any visitors at the hospital when she gave birth, including family. They just wanted to have the baby, come home, and adjust to life. Then they would tell everyone when they were comfortable with visits from other people. The mom of the soon-to-be mom did not like this very much, and wrote back to say she hopes the baby treats her the way her daughter was treating her, as payback. The mom-to-be stood her ground, and told her mom she was banned for two weeks.

A waitress in a Mexican restaurant in Arkansas was left a pretty big tip. A couple, who are regulars at the restaurant, brought her outside of the restaurant and handed her the keys to a 2019 Buick Encore. They said God had led them to gift it to her... but it turns out they had stolen it earlier in the day. 

A woman in Georgia, Amy York, said that her ex-husband's ex girlfriend posted some disparaging things about her kids on the internet. Both adults agreed to set up a time and place to meet, and fight about this. Their boyfriends showed up as well, and a fracas ensued. In the process, Amy's eyes were glued shut... she was okay, but everyone involved did get arrested.