The Lighter Side: The Weirdest Location Ever For an Amazon Delivery

August 15, 2019

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Meet an Amazon delivery person who must have an INSANE hook shot, and why you should keep your eyes peeled if you attend a wedding in Texas.

We've all had packages delivered to the house and left in odd places. A woman in the UK came home from work to find a note telling her where her Amazon package was delivered. It read we put your package through an open window, so she checked her windows on the first floor and realized none of the windows were open... but then she looked up and saw an open window on her second floor, and that's where they chucked the package. The contents of the box? Light bulbs. Incredibly, the light bulbs did NOT break!

A couple in California that's been married for 67 years were high school sweethearts. Back in those days, her mom got the couple matching sweatshirts, and they're been matching their outfits every day ever since. They're wearing the same colors and coordinating their outfits every day, for the last 67 years!

If you're involved with a wedding in Texas, be on the lookout because there's a wedding crasher on the loose. A young woman has been crashing local festivities, and stealing stuff from the gift table. People have been posting photos of her online, but so far she hasn't been identified. She's taken so much stuff, there's a $4,000 reward for her capture!