The Lighter Side: What Is a 'Cat-chelor'?

July 31, 2019

A couple swaps sides of the bed all the time, and Twitter is NOT. HAVING. IT. And yes, we explain what a "Cat-chelor" is, as well...

You always pick a side of the bed, right? Well, there's a guy from the Washington Post who has friends who just switch it up all the time-- they sleep on whichever side of the bed they want. That would seem like an innocuous Tweet to throw out there, but it went viral, and people are all up in arms about these people, demanding to know what kind of weirdos do that. 

Moving on to single people, there are guys out there right now that, instead of getting girlfriends, are opting to get cats instead. They're called "Cat-chelors." 

A 56-year-old divorced woman, mom of two, living in New York City, made a 30 second TV commercial called "A Man For Ann," which is playing on taxi TVs in the city. The ad is about what she would like in a man. She says her perfect man would be emotionally, physically, and financially healthy, and a good human being. She also prefers a divorced guy, so he would get what she's going through. She dropped five grand on the ad!