The Lighter Side: What the Heck is a 'Hobosexual'?

July 25, 2019

We'll explain to you what the term "hobosexual" means, plus Tinder doing something good for the LGBTQ community and more from the Lighter Side.

Let's start with a feel good local story. A local couple's son Finn has Down's Syndrome and is also autistic. Anytime they go on a walk in West Hartford, he sees flags and trees waving in the wind and gets very intrigued and interested in them. One of their neighbors has an American flag on his tree, and Finn loves this flag and will spend hours just staring at it. The neighbor built Finn a bench and he put it underneath the tree. It says Finn's Bench on it, and it's absolutely wonderful. You can check out the whole story tonight on Channel 3 Eyewitness News. 

Tinder is doing something to protect its LGBTQ users by launching a new travel alert system. Many of us take safety abroad for granted, but in some countries homosexuality is still illegal and it's punishable, so this feature will let you know if you're in a certain country or part of the world that's unsafe for you to use it, it won't let you swipe. 

A woman got her order at McDonald's and left the restaurant, but she came back because there was a problem-- her fries were cold. But instead of asking them to give her fresh, hot fries, this woman came back in brandishing a firearm and demanded a refund. She fled the restaurant, but not before firing a shot into the ground. What is it with fast food restaurants and crazy people? 

The term "hobosexual" is now a thing on the internet. A woman named Jackie in California met this dude on a fishing trip, and they started talking and texting back and forth right. After texting for a few days, he said "Why don't I come over tonight, and make you dinner?" and she said "Tonight's not going to work for me, I'm too busy with work, maybe some other time." He says "Damn, I needed a place to sleep tonight." After a few more texts, she realized this guy basically couch surfs, and then he started shaming her for not letting him sleep on her couch. After she posted the back and forth that they had on text, everybody went wild and this dude is now the world's first hobosexual.