The Lighter Side: When Animals Attack!

October 1, 2019

It's the Animals Attack edition of the Lighter Side! Check out some wild stories about some crazy critters.

A woman was walking her Yorkie Maltese dog in the park and she decided to get a slo-mo video of this majestic beast running through the field. As she did, in frame, you see a bird of prey swoop down and almost snatched up the dog. 

A new psychedelic drug comes from an illegal toad, the Colorado River Toad. A toxic liquid is extracted from the toads' poisonous venom glands and dried to a paste, and New Yorkers believe this drug can help with depression and anxiety. 

Cuba is being invaded by giant snails. These snails they have no natural predators, and they carry very dangerous diseases. Epidemiologists are very, very scared and people are keeping their kids in the house, because they don't want them to come in contact with the snails.

A parakeet was taken into custody by police in Amsterdam last week, charged with accessory to shoplifting. Police snapped a picture of the bird with its claws behind bars, perched next to a half-eaten sandwich. Apparently, it got busted for swiping the sandwich so they took the parakeet into custody. 

A man got gored by a bison when he went to a park earlier this summer. He got trampled in June, then in September, he goes back to the park with a date who was also attacked by the bison!