Lighter Side: When Online Dating Is Most Popular

September 27, 2019

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus

Online dating popularity increases at a certain time of the year! And this kid called his dad via the Ring camera to ask a very important question! More in today's Lighter Side with Christine and Salt! 

Online dating surveys... what time of year does online dating peak? Around the holidays. But it's not because people are lonely, it's because it's cold and people are doing less outside. There's a 30% increase between November and February.

According to the Scottish Sun, a guy was accused of shoplifting clothing... when a security guard asked if he had merchandise stuffed in his clothes, he denied it (he didn't steal!), and the guard made him strip down to nothing!

Japan Airlines has launched a new feature on their website... they'll let you know where babies are sitting, so when you book your flight, you can pick a seat far away from them. 

In Florida, two guys got into a fight over a pile of trash. It ended with one swinging a samurai sword.... and an arrest for attempted murder. 

A kid called his dad at work... via the Ring camera because he needed to turn on the kids' channel.