The Lighter Side: Woman Swallows Engagement Ring In Her Sleep

September 16, 2019

What's the weirdest thing you ever did in your sleep? This woman has you beat!

Have you ever dreamed about eating your engagement ring? A woman named Jenna Evans did. She had a dream that she was on a train with her fiance and they were fighting bad guys, and he told her to eat her engagement ring so they couldn't steal it. She woke up to find her ring finger empty, as she actually ate her ring. She had to go to urgent care, they did an x-ray, and found the ring in her stomach. Instead of letting it pass, because they felt that would do more damage, they went in and retrieved it.

A woman with PTSD has three emotional support animals, and people in Missouri are trying to get them removed from her home. They are monkeys, and her neighbors think they're bad for the neighborhood.

A mom in the UK sent inappropriate pictures to her son's entire soccer team! We've all texted the wrong person at some point, but this is like the worst case scenario of that. A mom was having a girl's night out at a strip club, and decided to send pictures from the strip club to some of the ladies in her group. Some of them were moms of soccer players on her son's team... but instead of sending the pics to the moms, she sent them to the players themselves. She had to make a massive apology to everyone involved.

A mother recently won a lawsuit against her employer for not providing a private place to pump. Many moms need to feed or pump so they have milk for their babies, and when this woman asked her company if they could provide her with a private place, they fired her. She took them to court and won $225,000 in the lawsuit.

A brewery in Los Angeles is willing to pay $150 per football game for you to go and drink beer and watch the Los Angeles Rams play. Golden Road Brewing wants a Chief Beer Officer to head to the Rams games and get paid to drink with others, promoting the Whose House?! Blonde Ale. You must have 1-35 years of tailgating experience.