The Lighter Side: Woman's Zombie Makeup Sparks Panic at ER

October 3, 2019

A dancer's panic attack sent her to the ER at a really bad time. Plus, which fast food restaurant has the fastest drive through time?


A dancer in Michigan was getting ready to do a Halloween marketing campaign, with zombie makeup on. If you have enough of that makeup on, you can start to feel a little claustrophobic. She started having a panic attack due to claustrophobia, and people didn't know what to do so they rushed her to the ER. When she got to the hospital, doctors thought the makeup was real and there was something much worse happening with her!

In California, a 102-year-old woman passed away after having a great, long life. However, DirecTV still charged her an "early termination" fee when her family tried to end the service. They were charged an additional $160 to get out of her two-year contract.

Fast food drive through times are getting slower than they were last year. An annual study finds drive throughs are 21 seconds slower than they were a year ago. McDonald's clocked in at 4 minutes, 44 seconds; KFC was 4 minutes and 4 seconds; Taco Bell was 4 minutes even; Burger King was 3 minutes, 55 seconds; Wendy's was 3 minutes, 50 seconds; and number one was Dunkin' Donuts. The slowest on the list was Chick-fil-A which was over 5 minutes.

A man was pulled over for DUI and decided to try to impress the police officers with stupid human tricks. When he was asked to do some field sobriety tests, he did a split in front of the cop instead. Needless to say, we think he failed that test.