Lighter Side: WTF Is A 'Slowfie'?

September 11, 2019

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus

What the heck is a "slowfie"? Plus, a married guy died during sex with another woman on a business trip... and his widow is getting paid! More in the Lighter Side with Christine and Salt! 

Here's a crazy restaurant idea in England... there's a 130-foot conveyor belt that goes around the place and patrons grab cheese off it - literally just cheese! It's called Pick & Cheese

A married guy in France went on a business trip back in 2013. He found a woman that caught his eye... and he died in the middle of their ~relations. So his widow decided to take his workplace to court, deeming it a workplace accident. It's been in French court since 2013. And she just WON! She now gets paid 80% of his salary until he would've retired and then she gets his pension! Get it, Sis! 

KFC is getting into the video game craze... their goal of their new mobile game is to try to date a young, sexy Colonel Sanders. It's coming out in a couple weeks. It's called, 'I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulator' - LOL! 

What the heck is a slowfie? It's a selfie video in slow motion... and it's gonna be on the new iPhone. Influencers everywhere, rejoice! 

Cowboys player DeMarcus Lawrence was leaving the Cowboys/Giants game and a young fan ran over and asked for his autograph... but the kid was wearing a Giants jersey! DeMarcus told him to "get the right jersey, Son" and kept walking. He's getting some flak for that... but when he was pressed about it later, he said "there's nothing wrong with a person telling you no. He gonna hear a lot of that in life... my kids hear it every day, so it'll be okay. Hopefully he'll get a DeMarcus Lawrence jersey first." (BTW, DeMarcus was at a charity where he was donating over 300 backpacks for kids, so... pick another battle, haters!)