The Lighter Side: Man Keeps Chocolate Away From Fiancee With a Fridge Lock Box

September 19, 2019

This for sure seems like a sign of trouble for the future of this couple. Plus, hear what a drone sounds like when it's warning you about nearby sharks.

A drone operator was flying his drone over the ocean, and he saw a shark. But the drone could broadcast a warning, and sent it out!

Imagine sitting on your surfboard and you hear a warning like that! A nearby surfer heard that and managed to get away from the shark.

A man in Wales was tired of his fiancee always eating his chocolate. But instead of buying more chocolate, he bought a see-through lock box and put it in the refrigerator. He has a safe in his refrigerator, in which his fiance can see the candy, but can't get to it! Talk about a passive aggressive nightmare. 

A man in Texas is wanted for divorcing his wife. Normally that wouldn't be breaking the law, but he forged her signature on the divorce papers and never told her he wanted a divorce. He could get up to ten years in prison for aggravated perjury. 

If you eat a lot of salt, you should also eat a lot of cheese according to a new study from Penn State University. According to these findings, cheese will counteract a lot of salt, and will make your blood vessels stronger, which lowers your chance of having heart problems. 

A police cruiser found a buggy operating erratically in Amish Country. The two men in the buggy were drunk, operating a horse and buggy. They were also operating their music way too loud, because this was a buggy with a gigantic speaker system. When the cop got out of his cruiser, the two Amish scattered and ran into the cornfields... and on top of that, the buggy ran away. The last thing the officer saw was a horse-drawn carriage just riding down the street blasting music.