The Lighter Side: Professor Would Trade Better Grades For Sex or Moose Meat

August 20, 2019

A professor in Canada offered better grades for a student if she slept with him, or gave him moose meat. That last part is NOT a euphemism.


There's a new survey out there, and it's a weird one. 61 percent of people always take off their glasses during sex. That means that 39 percent of people leave them. Are they the same people who leave their socks on? What do you need to leave them on for?

A report out from the Energy Commission says you should keep your house at 78 degrees, and people are losing their minds over this. 78 is only during the day, at night when you sleep it should be 82. Are they high??? That is ridiculously hot.

A new study finds kids make you happier... in three decades. After the kids leave the house, people who had children are happier than people who don't, eventually.

Tiffany's, the jewelry store, are jumping into the men's jewelry market, with cufflinks, money clips, silver compasses, beer mugs, and dog tags. They'll range in price up to $75,000 for the most expensive item. You probably won't need the money clip after that purchase.

A college professor in Nova Scotia, Canada told a student he'd give her better grades if she had sex with him, which is gross. But there's a caveat to the story... he said he would also give her better grades if she traded him moose meat. So he'd accept sex OR moose meat. She actually gave him some moose meat, but then he said he actually wanted the sex, too. What is this guy's problem? Aside from being fired, for obvious reasons.

A Comcast service rep realized a caller was having a stroke and rescued him. A guy in Michigan had a stroke and couldn't talk while he was on the phone with a Comcast service rep. Luckily, she realized what was happening, called for help, and saved his life. So remember-- your cable provider could just be a lifesaving service. That's a feature we didn't know we had!