Tell Salt Where To Go: Castle Craig

September 12, 2019

Now that Salt's family is living in Connecticut, there's a new twist to his travels to discover the state. His latest adventure started with a listener recommendation, to visit Castle Craig on Meriden Mountain. She suggested Salt hike up the mountain instead of driving... but Salt didn't listen to that part.

He and his family drove to Hubbard Park-- which Salt will need to revisit in December to check out their incredible Christmas lights display-- and found a driveway leading up the mountain. The roadway literally goes all the way to the top of the peak, next to Castle Craig. Worth noting, Castle Craig is NOT the home of previous morning show host Gary Craig... the name is just a coincidence.

The view is amazing-- you can see the entire area, and on a clear day they say you can even see Long Island. It's the highest point between Maine and Florida, that's within 25 miles of the coast.

Salt strapped his 14-month-old daughter in his backpack, while Salt's wife put their newborn son in a baby bjorn. They had a great time... until the bees started coming around! Despite some cranky moments, Salt and his 14-month-old sherpa really enjoyed the view from the top! If you've got a car that can drive to the top of a mountain, Salt definitely recommends a visit to Castle Craig.