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Dirty on the :30: Dax Shepard Went on a Date with Brad Pitt

It's no secret that Dax Shepard loves Brad Pitt, and he shared the story with Ellen of the time he and Brad went on a "date." Video of Dax Shepard Had a 'Pretty Woman' Date with Brad Pitt Adele is back in the public eye, looking amazing... but there's rumors online, following a... Read More

Dirty on the :30: Taylor Swift's Mom Is Battling a Brain Tumor

Taylor Swift revealed that her mom is battling a brain tumor. That's terrible news, on top of the fact that her mom is also battling breast cancer. This is a big reason why Taylor is doing her bi-coastal Lover Fest shows this year instead of a full tour, so she can spend more time with her mom... Read More

The Bachelor Padcast: Episode 2403

It’s Alayah vs. the world: We’ll see if the latest villain has a chance to stick around even after getting the boot. Is there a chance the next Bachelorette ISN’T from this season? Read More

Dirty on the :30: Britney Spears, Fine Artist?

Britney Spears is now not only a recording artist, but an artist who puts paint to canvas. And at least one art historian had a glowing review of Britney's finger painting of flowers. It’s #RobinLeach, who just auctioned this @britneyspears piece to ... himself! Yes! Great $10k moment #VegasCares @... Read More