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The Lighter Side: What Did Gary Craig's Dad Teach Him?

You gotta hear this story Gary shares about why he didn't go into his dad's line of business! Plus, Dad Bods are IN! More in today's Lighter Side! The Lighter Side: What Did Gary Craig's Dad Teach Him? Burger King is launching an "upside down" Whopper to celebrate the new season of Stranger... Read More

Hollywood Stories: Celebrities Who Believe In Aliens

You might be surprised to learn which pop stars believe in aliens! Plus, Selena Gomez is the third most-followed person on Instagram... even without the app. And Baby Shark is going on tour... you can get the details in today's Hollywood Stories. A list of celebrities who believe in aliens includes... Read More

The Lighter Side: Booty Slapping and Eating Plastic

Booty slapping, eating plastic, and Mystery Oreos... it's a busy day in today's Lighter Side with Craig and Company! The Lighter Side: Booty Slapping, Eating Plastic, and Mystery Oreos There's a new competition in Russia called Booty Slapping Championships... Introducing 'The Booty Slapping... Read More

Dirty Laundry: Wendy Williams Has a New Man

Who is Wendy Williams's new mystery man? Plus, Ariana Grande makes a big donation to Planned Parenthood, Cuba Gooding Jr. says he's innocent, and more Dirty Laundry. Wendy Williams does a segment called "Hot Topics" on her show, but she's become the hot topic now, with a boyfriend who's half her... Read More

The Bachelorette Padcast Episode 4: The Bachelorette 1505

Former Bachelorette contestant Matt Munson joins the show to break down Luke P’s massive flame out and possible future on this season. Plus the importance of guys getting along during filming and if there is a clear favorite to win Hannah’s heart. Episode 4: The Bachelorette 1505 The conversation... Read More

Hollywood Stories: Jon Stewart Goes To Washington

Jon Stewart gets angry as he addresses congress about healthcare for 9/11 first responders. Plus, learn Forbes' highest paid athletes in the world, and why Rami Malek didn't make the cut in Rocketman. Jon Stewart spoke to a congressional committee in an emotional speech about renewing healthcare... Read More