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Dirty on the :30: Studios Release Current Movies For Home-Viewing

We can't go out to the movies but the good news is, some of the new releases are coming to us! Hear which studio is offering current movies for home-viewing! Italians are still quarantined, but they're keeping themselves entertained by singing from their balconies. People of my hometown #Siena sing... Read More
Idris Elba during a photocall for BBC's Luther series 5 at the Courthouse Hotel in Shoreditch, London.

Gina J's Dirty Laundry: Idris Elba Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Idris Elba has tested positive for coronavirus... we'll tell you how he was exposed. Plus, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are out of the hospital and recovering at "home" (in Australia). Heidi Klum's husband ventured out to the store even though they were self-quarantining. (Don't they have enough money... Read More

March Beardness! You Choose Salt's New Facial Hair!

Welcome to March Beardness! Salt wants to change his facial hair, and what better way to decide on a new look than putting them head-to-head to let you lovely listeners vote for your favorites. It's down to TWO styles! Will it be the French Fork or the HULIHEE?! It's up to you! Join the voting... Read More
Acoustic Sunrise

Acoustic Sunrise 3-15-20

9 AM PHOTOGRAPH-Ed Sheeran A MILLION REASONS-Dan & Shay WHAT'S UP-4 Non Blondes BETTER-Khalid I WILL REMEMBER YOU-Sarah Mclachlan MERCY-Duffy BUBBLY-Colbie Caillat ONE HEADLIGHT-Wallflowers DON'T START NOW-Dua Lipa THE REASON-Hoobastank STAY-Alessia Cara KEEP YOUR HEAD UP-Andy Grammer 10 AM... Read More
Chet Hanks and Rita Wilson

Dirty on the :30: Chet Hanks Speaks Out About Quarantined Parents

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tested positive for coronavirus and their son, Chet, went on IG and said they're doing okay. Also, Tim Allen tweeted this... LOL! I told Tom and Rita that Buzz offered a couple of spacesuits if they need them. Seriously rest up and get well! —... Read More