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New study reveals scary hint that someone in your life may be a psychopath

Alexandra Romero from the Lost Misfits website stumbled upon new research that may drop clues the old saying, "you are what you eat". New study reveals that those who dig on bitter foods like dark chocolate, black coffee, grapefruit, and expresso, are more likely to evolve in becoming psychopaths...
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Tank the Pug's "Curly Tales Book Club"

Love books and Pugs? Then here's the perfect book club for you — and of course — ALL dog lovers are welcome!
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Tank the Pug's 25 Days of Pugsmas

25 Days of Pugsmas Will Warm Your Heart

Celebrate the paw-lidays with Pugs!
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25 Days of Pugsmas

The 25 Days of Pugsmas--Submit YOUR Pug photo!

Get in the holiday spirit and celebrate with PUGS!
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Tank the Wonderful Pug

Meet Craig and Company's new mascot--Tank the Pug

Christine Lee's Pug, Tank is here to make you SMILE!
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Christine Lee's Pug puppy, Tank.

Celebrate National Pug Day with Tank the Pug

Calling all Pug Lovers!!!
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Steph Interviews Dua Lipa

Hear Dua Lipa's American accent with Steph the Producer and more!
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Steph the Producer takes over Craig and Company

Meet Steph our newest Craig and Company member

Craig and Company has a new member and she's fabulous!!!
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What to Watch After Seeing Shailene Woodley in "Adrift"

Disaster Movies With Bad-Ass Women You'll Want to Binge-Watch This Weekend.
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Harvey Weinstein brought "Something Wonderful" to his perp walk

How adorable: Harvey thinks he'll have time to read while getting booked.
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