Bachelor Padcast

Tayshia and Zac BTS

The Bachelor Padcast: Emotions are still flowing

We break down another round of dates breaking barriers rarely seen in Bachelor Nation and answer the most important question of the season: WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!
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Tayshia, Becca and Sydney

The Bachelor Padcast: Tayshia Gets Real

Tayshia finally gives The Bachelorette (and Bachelor Nation as a whole) the real conversation it's always needed. She also got a little help from her friends and saw the Noah vs. Bennett fued escalate.
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Tashia with Jared and Ashley

The Bachelor Padcast: Tayshia Is Looking For A Grown Man

Tayshia is on the lookout for a grown ass man and talking about fight club! Fresh off hosting a group date, Jared Haibon joins us to talk about how the guys are off camera, if "smoke show" is offensive and how he found out there was a new Bachelorette while quarantining for the show.
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The Bachelorette Roast

The Bachelor Padcast: The end is near (for Clare)

It looks like Clare's short run as The Bachelorette is coming to an end. We'll discuss the potential for her final decision (Dale vs. Bennett?!) and just how Tayshia will be welcomed in as the star. Plus we'll talk about the potential for a celebrity coming on the show, but NOT as the Bachelor/ette.
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The Bachelorette is finally here! Clare's long wait is over as she gets to meet all 31 (!!) of her guys before sending a lot of them home. We'll look at the main frontrunner and try to predict where this crazy season will go.

The Bachelor Padcast 2404: How Long Will the Victorias Stick Around?

This season’s trip around the world kicked off this week in luxurious... Cleveland?! We’ll break down all the drama, including the first ever performance by a contestant’s ex-boyfriend-- hi, Chase Rice! Plus our best guesses on how long the Victorias and Alayah will stick around.
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The Bachelor Padcast: Episode 2403

It’s Alayah vs. the world: We’ll see if the latest villain has a chance to stick around even after getting the boot. Is there a chance the next Bachelorette ISN’T from this season?
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The Bachelor Padcast: Episode 2402

Champagne Gate was like nothing we’ve ever seen before and we have it covered from all angles. Including the final word on if Hannah Ann intentionally sabotaged Kelsey’s Des Moines special. We’ll also predict how much more we’ll see of Hannah Brown this season.
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The Bachelor Padcast: The Bachelor 2401

Pilot Pete is ready for takeoff as Season 24 of The Bachelor kicks off, but an unannounced visit from Hannah B caused PLENTY of turbulence. We’ll try to make sense of their showdown and what it means for the women that hope to be his co-pilot.
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