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Interview: Mayor Luke Bronin on how to vote if your health changes last minute

Don't let a new diagnosis keep you from exercising your right to vote
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Listen: Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin uninvites Christine and Salt from holiday gatherings

It's a masterclass in how to uninvite family from Halloween and Thanksgiving due to Covid spikes
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Christine and Salt's Halloween candy safety tips

From catapulting Snickers to Reese's on a Roomba, we've got handing out Halloween candy safely covered!
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SHOCKER: Governor Lamont loves candy corn!

Reveals Halloween candy won't be handed out at the mansion this year
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MRR Christine Lee

Manchester Road Race goes virtual for 2020

Register, download the app, run or walk, celebrate!
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Interview: Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin on kids' education suffering during pandemic

"It's one of the things I worry about most"
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Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin on Covid cases rising in Connecticut

"Wear a mask!"
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Holiday restaurant

Governor Ned Lamont encourages dining out for the holidays

Takes his cue from Dr Deborah Birx as a way to slow the spread of Covid19
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Interview: Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin

Topics include: Living with Colitis, Hartford schools, flu shots, masks, Dennis House and Halloween
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Hartford Considers Switch to Hybrid Schooling

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