Gary Craig

Gary Craig, Signing Off

It's time to make an exit.
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LISTEN: Donald Trump Roasts Gary Craig

Donald Trump took a few moments away from Twitter to roast Gary Craig before he retired... and may have even offered Gary a new job opportunity?
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Craig and Company: Gary Craig Rants About Annoying Window Shade Operator

Gary Craig is annoyed of an airplane passenger sitting by the window because they have the audacity to open and close the window shade at inappropriate times!! Listen to how Gary handles the situation from his aisle seat. LOL!!! Nazi Window Shade Operator.mp3
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Photos: Gary Craig's Book Signing

Last month, Gary Craig made an appearance at Barnes & Noble in West Hartford, for a signing of his new autobiography "Tugging on the Sleeve of Fame." Check out photos from the signing, and Click Here to order your copy of the book today!
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Gary Craig 'Tugging on the Sleeve of Fame' Book Signing

Attention Craigsters! Gary Craig will be doing a book signing this Saturday, December 8th at Barnes & Noble at Blue Back Square in West Hartford from 3pm to 5pm. He will be signing his auto biography, "Tugging on the Sleeve of Fame." This is the ONLY book signing he will be doing this year...
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Christmas Time Is Here (The Trump Version)

The Holidays are upon us... but what's the best way to celebrate with so much political chaos going on in Washington? Between the Mueller Investigation, the caravan, and so much more, it can be tough to switch gears and relax into Christmastime joy, so let's stop trying and just mix the two worlds...
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Halloween Candy 2018

Lighter Side: Parents Eat More Halloween Candy Than Kids!

Find out what percentage of parents eat their kids' Halloween candy, plus this year's most popular gift cards and more.
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Lighter Side: Happy National Cat Day!

Cat holidays and holiday Kisses! Lighter Side: Happy National Cat Day! Today is National Cat day! According to a new survey, 44% of people say they have a cat while 35% say their cat is their best friend. Here is a picture of Christine’s cat Coco who’s now in cat heaven Christine Lee’s OG cat, Coco...
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Tank the Wonderful Pug

Meet Craig and Company's new mascot--Tank the Pug

Christine Lee's Pug, Tank is here to make you SMILE!
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Hollywood Stories: Owen Wilson's Having Another Baby

Owen Wilson is going to be a dad for the third time (with the third different woman). Plus, what's new at the box office, a new Hanson sibling's musical debut, Macaculay Culkin's pitch to JK Rowling, and more Hollywood Stories.
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