Gary Craig

Can the Next Storm Be Called Hurricane Gary?

The World Meteorologist Organization are the folks responsible for naming the storms like Hurricane Florence, and Gary wants the next big storm to be named after him. So he made a call to make the request! Here's what happened next... Hurricane Gary
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Steph the Producer takes over Craig and Company

Meet Steph our newest Craig and Company member

Craig and Company has a new member and she's fabulous!!!
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Hear Suzane Northrup Connect Listeners & Lost Loved Ones

Suzane Northrup took calls from 96.5TIC listeners hoping to connect with their lost loved ones. As always, Suzane's ability to connect people with those they lost is pretty incredible. Hear her latest calls...
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John Elliott, Signing Off

When I was a boy, my father bought me a miniature reel to reel tape recorder with a microphone on a cord. And while other kids were out playing in the street, I was interviewing family members on tape. Our next door neighbor was a man named Bob Steele... and when I became one of his newscasters 42...
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Gary Craig's New Book Is Now Available!

Gary Craig's new book, Tugging on the Sleeve of Fame, is available now!
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Congratulations Killeen From Farmington, The U2 Beach House Winner!

Craig and Company called our Grand Prize winner for the U2 Beach House performance later this month... congratulations to Killeen from Farmington!
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That Other Time Roseanne Outraged Everyone

People who get mad about football players taking a knee would probably get pretty mad about this, if it happened in 2018!
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Things You Should NOT Do At Starbucks

Starbucks' new rule allows you to sit in their bathroom as long as you want, even if you don't buy anything. But they still have some rules in place... Here's our list of things you should NOT do at Starbucks.
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Here's The Royal Wedding Afternoon Tea Winner!

To celebrate the Royal Wedding, Craig and Company teamed up with our friends at Marriott Downtown Hartford to give one lucky listener a traditional afternoon tea this Saturday. In order to win, you had to "Know Your Brits"... and here's what happened when Jim from Chicopee and Susan from Mystic...
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Lighter Side of the News

Lighter Side Of The News 5/11: Robocaller Gets Fined

Every morning, Craig & Company bring you the Lighter Side of the News! Here are some of today’s highlights!
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