Lighter Side

The news can be such a downer... but it doesn't have to be! Every weekday morning at 8:30am, Salt shares some weird, fun, silly and downright strange news stories from around the world.

Lighter Side: It's National Pretzel Day!

Lighter Side 4-26-19.mp3 Today is National Pretzel Day! Here are all the pretzel discounts and the places to get them here. If you're planning to celebrate Friday, "mustard up" some patience because long lines are expected. — USA TODAY (@USATODAY) April 25, 2019 Study shows...
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Lighter Side: Women Snore Just As Much As Men

Lighter Side 4-25-19.mp3 Study shows that women actually snore just as much as men! But women are more likely to not admit that they snore. Science! Here to answer all couples' arguments. Buzz60's Tony Spitz has the details. — USA TODAY Money (@USATODAYmoney) April 25, 2019...
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Lighter Side: Man Loses His Prosthetic Leg While Skydiving.

Lighter Side 4-24-19.mp3 Guy lost his leg in a skydiving accident then he went skydiving AGAIN with his prosthetic leg and lost his prosthetic leg!!! Luckily, they found his prosthetic leg in a lumber yard and he was reunited with his leg on Monday. Skydiver (who lost his real leg skydiving) is...
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Lighter Side: Man Tries to Sell His Car to Save His Dog's Life

Lighter Side 4-23-19.mp3 A man in Indianapolis offered to sell his car to help save his dog’s life. The best part is when the community heard about what he was trying to do they rallied together to help him pay for the expensive surgery his dog needed. Man offers to sell his car to save his dog's...
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Lighter Side: Boy Calls 911 for McDonalds

There is a website where you can photo shop yourself to pretend you are on vacation! It’s called where you pay $20 a photo in a location of your desires! BREAKING NEWS: Image-obsessed millennials who can't afford the luxury vacations to keep up with their glamorous Instagram...
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Lighter Side: What is the new dating term "cloaking"?

Lighter Side 4-12-19.mp3 A new survey came out that more than 75% of GEN Z members believe they should be promoted in their first year! Gen Z are people who were born from min-1990s to early 2000s. More than 75% of Gen Z members believe they should be promoted in their first year on the job,...
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Lighter Side: Barsik the 41 Pound Cat!!

Lighter Side 4-10-19.mp3 Have you seen Barsik the cat? He is a big kitty weighing at 41 pounds and he was dropped off at a NY Shelter. Right now he is unavailable for adoption, but he will be very soon! How cute is he?! Hello Barsik!!!! -- --❣️ A post shared by We Live Inside Your Radio (@...
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Lighter Side: Kelly Clarkson Was Told to Move From Her Seat at the ACM's

Lighter Side 4-9-19.mp3 Kelly Clarkson tweeted after the ACM’s saying I guy asked her to move because he thought Kelly Clarkson was a seat filler! LOL!! The greatest thing by far that happened to me tonight was being asked to move because some guy thought I was a seat filler at the ACM’s tonight...
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Pillow fight, Washington Square Park, New York City

Thousands Have Massive Park Pillow Fight

(1010 WINS) -- Hundreds of people armed with fluffy weapons descended on Washington Square Park to celebrate the annual International Pillow Fight Day on Saturday. Fighters of all ages joined the out-of-bedroom melee, some even dressed the part in costumes and pajamas. Mattress Firm, this year's...
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Firefighter Adopts Puppy After Rescuing Him from Under Pile of Rocks

Captain Paul Bryant and this pup met when he rescued him from under a pile of rocks. A father and son bike riding in the area first heard the desperate dog’s cries. Bryant dug him out from the rubble. Incredibly the little guy suffered no injuries. It was actually the nearly 20 year North...
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