Pre-Gaming It, Valentine's Day Style!

What Da Kidz Are Listening To, Valentine's Love Bonus! Set up that V-day playlist now, from back in the day, today! Guaranteed date satisfaction!
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WDKALT: Sofi (yuah) Tukker (yuah)!

Back by popular demand, Episode 007 of WDKALT (What Da Kidz Are Listening To!) Our own Jimmy will definitely get your kids to do a double take when they hear you know this one!
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WDKALT: Mic Drop

Oh yes, yet another edition of What Da Kidz Are Listening To! Didn't you ever want to know what the trending phrase "mic drop" really means? It features South Korean sensation, BTS!
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Close Connections, Or Embarrassing Empowerments!

We all know when it comes to kids and the Youth of America these days, even the hits could be avenues toward their hearts, or pitfalls to disaster!
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