A weekly podcast breaking down The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor
In Paradise one episode at a time.
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The Bachelor 2402

Champagne Gate was like nothing we’ve ever seen before and we have it covered from all angles. Including the final word on if Hannah Ann intentionally...

The Bachelor 2401

Pilot Pete is ready for takeoff as Season 24 of The Bachelor kicks off, but an unannounced visit from Hannah B caused PLENTY of turbulence. We’ll try to make...

Bachelor In Paradise 607

The Bachelor In Paradise finale is here! We’ll take a look at the couples that made it out of Mexico engaged and predict if any are built to last. There’s also...

Bachelor In Paradise 606A&B

It's the final week in Paradise and that means plenty of drama. We'll try to make sense of the Dean/Caelynn/Connor love triangle and make some predictions for...

Bachelor In Paradise 605A&B

Paradise is almost over and we’ll try to sort out the Angela-Clay-Nicole and Derek-JPJ-Tayshia love triangles. Plus Matt Munson will do his best to defend Dean...

Bachelor In Paradise 604A&B

We’re back from our summer vacation ready to tackle all of the drama on the beach with a MEGA pod! We’ll cover all the drama at the wedding in Paradise between...