A weekly podcast breaking down The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise one episode at a time.
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Episode 7: The Bachelor 2307

The gloves are off and we are breaking down the non-stop drama between Taisha, Kirpa, Caelynn and Cassie. Plus we rank the final four as we head to hometowns.

Episode 6: The Bachelor 2306

The Bachelor is off to Thailand! And Kirpa finally gets her moment, while five (!!!) others get their walking papers this week. We’ll also pick our favorites...

Episode 5: The Bachelor 2305

Colton brings his Bachelorettes to Thailand and the drama follows! From Elyse just finding out how The Bachelor works to an epic Onyeka/Nicole showdown. Plus,...

Episode 4: The Bachelor 2304

It’s a first for Colton! No, not THAT. He’s the first Bachelor to ever take the show to Singapore! We compare our most outrageous food experimentation with...

Episode 3: The Bachelor 2303

Is Hannah B losing to Caelynn AGAIN?! The two beauty queens are ready for battle and we’ll tell you which one will come out on top. Plus a way-too-early look...

Episode 2: The Bachelor 2302

Colton is off on his first on-on-one of the season, we take a trip to Camp Bachelor and new villain Demi is throwing down with Colton’s Cougars.