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Episode 10: The Bachelorette 1510

Matt Munson joins the show to talk about The Men Tell All, which was an opportunity for everyone to take their shots at Luke P. We also make one last guess at...

Episode 8: The Bachelorette 1508

With Hannah following Colton’s lead and playing by her own rules, is the blueprint for the Bachelor/ette now irrelevant? Matt Munson is here to talk about what...

Episode 7: The Bachelorette 1507

Hannah and her final seven men are in the Netherlands and the Luke P drama show has followed them there! We’ll look at the chances of the four people headed to...

Episode 6: The Bachelorette 1506

It’s another week of the Luke P Drama Show, but is there another guy on the show that’s actually WORSE than him? Matt Munson seems to think so! Plus we’ll look...

Episode 5: The Bachelorette 1505B

Was this the worst episode in Bachelor Nation History? Matt Munson joins the show to talk about the continued Luke Drama Show, including what the other guys...