The Fame Files

"The Fame Files".  Iconic interviews from the archive of Craig and Company,
the morning show.  Gary Craig speaks with music makers, film stars,
television celebrities, and more.

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Harry Connick Jr. (2001)

In 2001, Harry Connick Jr. played Lt. Joseph Cable in the television musical, 'South Pacific', co-starring Glenn Close. Although this adaptation was different...

Morgan Freeman (1999)

In 2018, Morgan Freeman won a Screen Actor's Guild Lifetime Achievement Award, and he joined Craig and Company back in 1999 to discuss BET's first original...

Mary Tyler Moore (2001)

We lost her in 2017, but Mary Tyler Moore spoke with Craig and Company in 2001 around the release of her TV movie Like Mother Like Son: The Strange Story of...

Jeff Bridges (2000)

The first thing legendary actor Jeff bridges wanted to be was a musician, long before his acting career took off. And he talked about the realization of that...

Gwyneth Paltrow (2000)

Gary Craig takes The Fame Files back to the start of the new millennium when Gwyneth Paltrow starred alongside Ben Affleck in Bounce.

Larry King (1997)

The Fame Files brings us a chat with the man responsible for getting Gary Craig into radio! Fun Fact: Gary was his intern "a million" years ago! It's Larry...