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Tank the Pug's "Curly Tales Book Club"

Love books and Pugs? Then here's the perfect book club for you — and of course — ALL dog lovers are welcome!
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Steph the Producer takes over Craig and Company

Meet Steph our newest Craig and Company member

Craig and Company has a new member and she's fabulous!!!
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Hollywood Stories: The End of Captain America?

Is Chris Evans leaving the Marvel Universe? And what made Kara McDougal cry during her tell-all with Anderson Cooper about her alleged affair with Donald Trump? Find out in today's Hollywood Stories...
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Celebrate Michael Bolton’s Birthday Office Space Style

"Why should I change MY name, he's the one who sucks."
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Watch And Laugh As Utah Politicians Ruin Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Fresh Prints Of Bills Here? Christine Lee and Ryan Jones say, "No Thanks!"
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Would You Rather: Plane Vomit Or Word Vomit?

There's nothing quite like airline travel, especially during a Nor'easter.
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Apple Introducing Biggest IPhone Ever, People Over 40 Are (Kind Of) Rejoicing.

Who needs reading glasses when your iPhone screen is the size of your face?!
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