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Craig and Company: Have You Ever Movie Cheated?

Have you ever movie or show cheated on your significant other? You know when you watch a show or a movie you promised you wouldn’t watch without the other. Well we had our friend Salt who promised his wife he wouldn’t watch any comic movies without her, but he went out to the movie theater and...
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Craig and Company: Gary Craig Rants About Annoying Window Shade Operator

Gary Craig is annoyed of an airplane passenger sitting by the window because they have the audacity to open and close the window shade at inappropriate times!! Listen to how Gary handles the situation from his aisle seat. LOL!!! Nazi Window Shade Operator.mp3
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What we did for our boss Steve Salhany for National Boss Day!!

For National Boss Day, usually you would get your boss a card or a nice gift. But we did what radio people do best.. We dug up some old audio of our boss Steve Salhany and we went IN ON HIM on the air this morning. Listen to us criticize his audio and find out how we found this ancient cassette...
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