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The Lighter Side: Starbucks Holidays Cups Are Here

Christmas comes early at Starbucks, and over half the people under 35 will be enjoying multiple Thanksgivings this year... how about you?
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Halloween Candy 2018

Lighter Side: Parents Eat More Halloween Candy Than Kids!

Find out what percentage of parents eat their kids' Halloween candy, plus this year's most popular gift cards and more.
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Lighter Side: Happy National Cat Day!

Cat holidays and holiday Kisses! Lighter Side: Happy National Cat Day! Today is National Cat day! According to a new survey, 44% of people say they have a cat while 35% say their cat is their best friend. Here is a picture of Christine’s cat Coco who’s now in cat heaven Christine Lee’s OG cat, Coco...
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Lighter Side: Guy Performs CPR on a Squirrel

In Manchester, UK, At Mcdonalds customers are hooting and hollering whenever they call out the number "69" LOL! madchester maccies — soph (@sophryanxxx) October 7, 2018 Glenys The Menace, 77, used to be a tattoo lady. Her husband paid for all the tattooes to be taken off...
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The Lighter Side: The Top Five Things that Stress us out on a Daily Basis

Michael Jackson has earned approximately $2 billion dollars since his death. Where do you think this money is going? Heather Owens of Lincoln County, Kentucky is in prison after she broke into someone's house, she cleaned the whole house, even slept in the bed. Further investigating the bizzarre...
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The Lighter Side: Sunflower Selfies Backfire

What should be a happy story turns disappointing while a scary one has a good ending! More in today's Lighter Side!
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Craig & Company: Lighter Side of the News - 1/8/18

An American tourist in Thailand overdosed on Viagra... and it wasn't pretty. Plus, a survey found the strangest fertility tips! More in today's Lighter Side!
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