Season 24


The Bachelor Padcast: Hurricane Barb Hits The Finale

Hurricane Barb hit The Bachelor finale and we'll try to sort through the wreckage she left behind. We'll also try to predict Peter and Madison's chances going forward and hear from Bachelor Nation favorite Ben Higgins!
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Women Tell All - The Bachelor

The Bachelor Padcast: Women Tell All

Former Bachelorette contestant Matt Munson joins the show to talk about Women Tell All, Peter’s decision to pick Madison over Victoria F and Clare Crawley as the new Bachelorette!
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The Bachelor Padcast: Madison's Ultimatum

It’s Fantasy Suites season down under, but Madison’s ultimatum took center stage. We’ll explain why her throwing down the gauntlet wasn’t as cut and dry as a lot of people are making it out to be.
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The Bachelor Padcast 2408: Our Favorites For the Next Bachelorette

Excuse you, what?! Hometowns have come and gone and Victoria F managed to dominate the episode without Peter ever meeting her family! We’ll also talk about a couple rumored Bacehlorette favorites, including one that Bachelor Nation only just met this week.
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The Bachelor Padcast 2407: Peter's in a MOOD For Hometown Dates

Peter might be in a MOOD (thanks, Victoria F), but he now has his final four ready for hometown dates. We’ll breakdown the rare three-on-one date and Peter’s first declaration of (falling in) love.
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The Bachelor Padcast 2405: Why Is Peter Doing Everything Wrong?

The Bachelor was FIVE HOURS this week and it gave us the first (sort of) 2 on 1 date of the season. We’ll also take a look at the Victoria F. controversy and try and pinpoint why Peter seems to be doing everything wrong this season.
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The Bachelor Padcast 2404: How Long Will the Victorias Stick Around?

This season’s trip around the world kicked off this week in luxurious... Cleveland?! We’ll break down all the drama, including the first ever performance by a contestant’s ex-boyfriend-- hi, Chase Rice! Plus our best guesses on how long the Victorias and Alayah will stick around.
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The Bachelor Padcast: Episode 2403

It’s Alayah vs. the world: We’ll see if the latest villain has a chance to stick around even after getting the boot. Is there a chance the next Bachelorette ISN’T from this season?
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The Bachelor Padcast: The Bachelor 2401

Pilot Pete is ready for takeoff as Season 24 of The Bachelor kicks off, but an unannounced visit from Hannah B caused PLENTY of turbulence. We’ll try to make sense of their showdown and what it means for the women that hope to be his co-pilot.
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